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MIA-CD is sophisticated, risk information provider to financial and business entities and focuses on application of cutting edge technologies that eventually become the lifeblood and substance of all our services.

Whether our clients are granting credit, vetting strategic supplies, choosing the right investment or protecting their overall business from risk, our mission is to help them make vital financial decision with confidence.

We provide access to fast & accurate information to ensure that businesses can make critical decisions in an informed way.
Intertwined with our optimized shared services model for financial and non-financial advisory services and our expertise with business process reengineering and other risk management services, we are always on the lookout to deliver strategic value through cost effective solutions to our clients.

The objects of the Company, as enunciated by the Executive Management are:

  • To provide consulting services, specifically business process reengineering and transformation services;
  • To provide business information reports on companies in Pakistan and international commercial Information Reports of Foreign Companies.
  • To foster financial viability and growth of SMEs by offering financial non-financial Solutions on business related matters to SMEs.
  • To provide Income Estimation Reports to assess repayment capacity of the borrowers.
  • Verification of SME and Consumer Customers to develop system & processes, action plan related to Remedial Management, Credit Administration, Anti-Money Laundering, Combating the Financing of Terrorism & Countering Proliferation Financing (AML/CFT/CPF) Regulations, Risks of Trade Based Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.
  • To development of Manuals, Policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Process Flows.
  • To develop and invest in leading technologies in various areas.
  • To provide exceptional finance & accounting outsourcing services to its clients.
  • Objectives to drive process efficiencies, profit maximization, and a complete finance.
  • Transformation;
  • To consistently grow with our global business affiliates for sales and development of the Company’s services and solutions.

We believe in working directly with executive management of our clients to define strategic objectives and translating them into deliverable efficiencies through properly executed business plans.

By using our commercial information reports, credit grantors foresee the risks and improve the financial performance of their lending operations. Our credit reporting service offers range of reports for low, medium and high risk business decisions.

These resources & capabilities enable us to link business-to-business across the globe and to mitigate risk of doing business globally.



We help businesses provide great customer experiences by managing and analyzing data that will help them solve problems, drive better decisions and outcomes, and prevent fraud.

Drafting of all kinds of financing Agreement, charges Documents and syndications/Consortium Agreement, Preparation of loan Agreement/Mark-up Agreements/ Finance Agreements, Security documents opinions regarding the validity and legality of mortgage documents, verification of third party security, employee loans and hypothecation. Legal opinion on rescheduling of Loans/Finances, Opinion on consortium Financing.


Our taxation services include:

  • Filing of income tax and sales tax returns.
  • Consultancy for tax related matters.
  • Maintenance of registers for sales tax.
  • Expert advice on personal taxes.
  • Tax evaluation and planning.
  • Corporate and individual advisory services.
  • Representation before taxation authorities.
  • Tax compliance and assessments.

Our Approach

We help businesses provide great customer experiences by managing and analyzing data that will help them solve problems, drive better decisions and outcomes, and prevent fraud.We provide our clients an innovative tax service for their sophisticated and complex transactions. Our tax specialists are fully conversant with the complex laws and the techniques for strategic tax planning.

As taxation pervasively affects all businesses and their decision-making, we place major emphasis in providing taxations advice and related services with a problem solving approach.

We keep our selves updated with the changes in the tax and other corporate laws, along with informing our clients with the implications of the applicable laws and regulation on their business.

We also have association with the relevant law bars and associations, to keep our knowledge base updated at all the times.

We ensure that our staff attends the seminars and conferences held by professional institutes to stay in line with the prevalent practices.

Consumer Service

We help financial and non financial institutions to better manage and improve their financial position, and help them to protect against fraud and identity theft.

Our strategy

Our strategy is centered on delivering world-class expertise to organizations, transforming our relationship with consumers and delivering growth consistently, underpinned by foundations crucial to our success.

Brief object of the Company:

Company will provide following Services/Supports in MIA-CD.

  • Business Information Reports of Foreign Companies (World wide)
  • Local Business Information Reports
  • Income Estimation Reports
  • Verification of SME and Consumer Customers
  • Debt Collection & Recoveries
  • Financial Services for Banks & Corporate entities
  • Development of Manuals, Policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Process Flows for Corporate entities
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Project Feasibility Reports
  • Anti-Money Laundering Services
  • Audit of Documentation
  • Independent Verification of stock as per Prudential Regulation & Shariah requirements
  • Search Reports (SECP)
  • Registration, modification and satisfaction of charges – SECP Corporate Services
  • Regularization of corporate matters on the instructions of banks like enhancement of capital filing of forms etc.
  • Legal Advisory, Drafting, Advocacy and Arbitration, Business Dispute resolution Services.
  • Call Center Services / Management
  • Incorporation and registration of new local and multinational companies and Branch offices.
  • Income & Sales Tax
  • Human Resource Services
  • Training and Workshops
  • Recruitment Services
  • Pre employment Screening
  • Degree Verification Services
  • IT Audit & IT Security related Services
  • Asset Tracing
  • Other Ancillary Services for corporate entities

Significance of Company’s Corporate Division:

To Provide /Outsource Financial and Banking Solutions to Financial Institutions and Businesses


  • To enrich the current database by improving the risk management through value added products and services we offer to Banks and Business segments of Pakistan at the highest security standards and service level.
  • To provide comprehensive reports on economic/financial outlook and forecasts as well as macro-economic indicator services.
  • To offer operational efficiency and cost advantage by centralizing the transactions made by different institutions.
  • To effectively analyze potential needs of different industries and offer most suitable solutions.
  • To raise the awareness of the society through social responsibility projects that will benefit the society and the environment.
  • To be an organization committed to delivering high level employee satisfaction, maintaining a strong corporate structure and safeguarding the principle of equality.

We help organizations to: Reduce fraud – by making sure that whether the customer is getting in touch by phone, laptop or tablet, they are exactly who they say they are Assess a customer’s ability to pay – by providing an accurate picture of their financial information Increase customer satisfaction – by identifying cross-selling opportunities and unmet needs Reduce churn – by identifying patterns of behaviour that suggest a customer may not be happy Make decisions quickly and consistently – by automating processes and using data effectively to make consistent, accurate decisions.